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Are You The Attorney of Choice for Realtors, Property Buyers and Sellers?

Are you the one law firm by other realtors, property buyers and sellers? Is your law firm ranking in the top positions so you are getting the phone calls to be the closing attorney for real estate transactions?

Real Estate attorneys need to rank for the right keywords like “Best Closing Attorney.” You need to have excellent content written around this term and the vast number of keyword terms like this. You need to be in the maps and top organic positions in the Google Results pages.

The website must focus on relevance and show both Google and your target market that you are the authority when it comes to closing real estate transactions. You need to show the transaction is a top of the line experience.

This is what Vanguard Legal Marketing does online for Real Estate Attorneys.

The Real Estate Attorneys Obligations To Properly Serve Their Clients Are The Following:

Real estate attorneys help with any transaction related to commercial or residential real estate including foreclosures.
  • Discuss the legal terms involved in surrendering or taking title to the subject property.
  • Discuss and find the solution to title issues.
  • Understand and analyze any easements, covenant or other obligations that is seen on record for the subject property.
  • Prepare the proper documentation for the subject property
  • Understand and explain the terms of the mortgage or property lien and negotiate with the lender the important changes on behalf of the purchaser.
  • Calculate the correct tax liabilities associated with the purchase or sale of the subject property.
  • Simplify and lead the signing of the proper documentation
  • Secure proper title insurance for the property buyer.
  • Ensure that the deed is properly transferred and sent for recording with the correct encumbrances and liabilities.

How Does Your Property Buyer or Seller Know Your
Law Firm is The Real Estate Attorney of Choice?

Real Estate Closings

Vanguard Legal Marketing Creates The Online Authority

Be The Skilled Attorney and Savvy Marketer

To be a successful Real Estate attorney, not only do you need to be perceived as having the highest level of skills but have marketing knowhow.

It means to be able to show the your potential clients and the search engines that you and your law firm are the definitive answer and the solution for which the client is seeking.

Vanguard Legal Marketing Creates Seamless and
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