Digital Marketing For Solo Attorneys

Online Marketing For Solo Attorneys

Are you an attorney with a one person firm? It’s you!

Running a law practice by yourself is truly an honorable undertaking. It is a huge responsibility but also comes with tremendous rewards. The word for you in the business world is “entrepeneur.” The concern is burn out and covering for you when life’s personal issues arise.

We, at Vanguard Legal Marketing, can help you tremendously. You run your practice and we run the marketing for new clients.  We have a different service for solo practitioners.

You only pay for what you need. You most likely would need a different approach than a firm with some or many attorneys onboard.

We will customize a marketing plan that suits your needs and is scaled to the cost and the the level of new clients you would like to gain. We will review in detail, a plan that works specifically for you.

We can scale any program from keyword research through to our highly specialized multi-level syndication programs. Whatever program we put together, it will promote your firm and be effective.

Maybe you do have that goal of add more attorneys to “your” firm, at some point. But, in the meantime, you want to work with a budget that is comfortable for you. That works just fine for our team.

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