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Being involved in a car accident resulting from a drunk driver can be a very traumatic experience. While there is no question that drunk drivers should be legally accountable for the accident, victims can have a hard time getting the full compensation that they deserve. This is where you come in as a drunk driving accident attorney. You play a vital role in ensuring that your client is justly compensated and that the guilty party is held liable for his or her actions.

We, at Vanguard Legal Marketing, know how important it is that your potential clients can easily find you and avail of your services so that you can help them get the compensation they need as fast as possible. We have designed digital marketing strategies, especially for drunk driving accident lawyers, such as yourself, to bridge the gap between you and your target market.

Your Role As A Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Since determining that a driver is under the influence of alcohol can easily be done by using a breathalyzer, a drunk driving accidents attorney still plays a vital role in establishing the extent of the injuries and the losses that the victim/client has gone through so that he or she can be fairly compensated. Here are some tasks that you, as a drunk driving accident lawyer, is intended to do:

Investigation and Documentation

One of the primary things that you are expected to do as a drunk driving accident lawyer is to retrace all the circumstances and details of the accidents and gather any relevant information and pieces of evidence that can help build a strong case against the opposing party. Additionally, you are also to advise your client on the necessary documents that they need to compile as proof of the injuries and suffering they have endured.


Apart from the drunk driver, other parties may also be liable for the accident, and they must also be filed a claim by your client. It is your duty to negotiate with these parties on your client’s behalf. You will make sure that your client’s rights are protected and that he or she will get due compensation from all the parties involved.


When negotiations outside the court are not settled, a court proceeding shall be in place. Here, you are to zealously defend your client and convince the court to grant him or her fair compensation. Beforehand, you are to prepare the needed documents and evidence you have gathered to present a winning case in front of the judge.

Being a dedicated drunk driving accident attorney is a full-time job. It can mean long hours for just one client. As a lawyer, you need to focus your efforts on protecting the welfare of your client and making sure that they have a strong case.

Here at Vanguard Legal Marketing, we want to unburden you of all the stress of finding new clients for your law firm. We are here to help you reach a wider audience and gain more clients through well-researched digital marketing techniques for law services and law firms. Be the best lawyer you can be, sit back, relax, and let Vanguard do the rest.

Legal Marketing History And Evolution

Digital marketing is a vital tool in the present business world. Nonetheless, it hasn’t been prominent in the field of law. Instead, the legal sector has employed traditional advertising and marketing methods such as billboards, newspaper ads, as well as word of mouth in the past. The primary contributing element to the absence of legal marketing is that many individual attorneys don’t have huge advertising spending plans. As a matter of fact, very few law firms do conventional promotions.

Now, advertising and marketing strategies are not as reliable as they used to be, and a lot of firms, as well as lawyers, are starting to welcome online legal marketing. It is because digital marketing is an excellent approach to help the development of the firm. As lawyers and law firms expand in the legal sector, the more competitors you have; thus, marketing is vital to keep your business afloat.
Another contributing variable to why the legal sector is developing is people’s tendency to go to the web when researching or thinking about any type of legal action. They make use of the internet for the following:

  • The internet will permit them to research legal documents and understand what legal action will be good for them, whether they can file a case and win or not.
  • To locate professional and trustworthy attorneys to represent them.

It is why it is vital to have a substantial digital presence. It will aid your leads in finding your company to manage their legal problems. Vanguard Legal Marketing is here to aid you in producing an exceptional digital marketing campaign.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing For Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

With the quick development of the internet and modern technology, digital marketing is both for today as well as the future. For you to guarantee your success, you should be seen online. Having online visibility offers several opportunities for your attorneys as well as the company as a whole, from generating new customers to boosting the firm’s competitiveness. To better comprehend why you ought to have digital marketing approaches, we have discussed some of the benefits of digital marketing strategies below.

1. Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys Reach More Potential Clients

Vanguard Legal Marketing assists attorneys in getting to more potential clients who require legal solutions. It is because, as mentioned earlier, a growing number of people like to use the internet to search for legal professionals and legal documents. Constructing a vast presence on social networks or having an optimized website will help in getting to a wide variety of prospective customers.

2. Attorneys Use SEO To Improve Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) has improved digital marketing tremendously. If properly done, SEO will enhance your website traffic. It focuses on search phrases selection, which is a valuable tool when clients are looking for drunk driving accident lawyers. It boosts the number of people visiting your site, which subsequently improves the business.

3. Authority In Your Field

Content marketing is fantastic at assisting you to become an authority in your area of practice. The more valuable content clients obtain from your site, the more they will trust you. It also keeps the client glued to your site, waiting for the next blog post.

4. Branding

With the web being the primary media for communication, even small companies, as well as individual practitioners, can still attract attention. All digital marketing forms allow them to build personal profiles as well as brands, making them approachable and credible lawyers.

5. Allows For Review Analysis And Online Growth

The reputation of a business is tied to its internet presence. Digital marketing enables prospective clients to discover reviews along with the background of a lawyer or law firm. Keeping an eye on your online visibility allows your company to expand. It is also important in developing the image and brand.

Traditional advertising and marketing methods convey incorrect messages to clients. With digital marketing, drunk driving accident attorneys can reach a much more comprehensive clientele and target a certain market. It helps the business to expand as well as draw in more possible customers.

Digital Marketing Strategies For Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

It doesn’t matter how good you are as a drunk driving accident attorney. Without a pro-active online advertising method to draw in new visitors, you will certainly have challenges as a lawyer. It is because many people like to look things up on the internet nowadays. Efficient digital marketing depends on your site, social network usage, and high-grade content for the site. If all these factors are properly merged, you will get powerful internet traffic and loyal clients. Below are digital marketing approaches that can assist drunk driving accident lawyers.

1. Develop A Personal Brand

Research studies reveal most of the web traffic is directed to lawyers’ bio pages. It is due to the fact that potential customers are aiming to hire a lawyer, not a law firm. They take a look at the lawyer’s individual quality and also experience. As a result, if you are a company, each legal representative in your company must actively promote their brand online. It improves their credibility.

2. Incredible Website

More than fifty percent of the people judge the credibility as well as the quality of a drunk driving attorney or law practice by their site’s appearance. Your website should be responsive and also easy to use. Provide responses to FAQs and also include live customer support for your drunk driving accident law site.

3. Effective Use Of SEO

Online Marketing begins with wonderful web design but mostly concentrates on search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing your website to place higher in the search engine results page. If you enhance your site properly, your online marketing campaign will have long term advantages for your legal services and improve web traffic because potential clients will discover you quickly. You can use keywords with the location/s of your firm or office to refine the search engine. You can enhance photos, video clips, and also tags. Due to tons of competition, if you don’t invest in SEO, your possible client will not reach your site.

4. Generate High-quality Content

An excellent way to keep customers glued to your site is by giving them exciting as well as relevant material. It will certainly help in developing your company as an expert, therefore, raising brand awareness. Content marketing does imply promoting your own brand, but it properly develops trust and also shows authority on the subject.

5. Utilize Social Media

It is a great suggestion for your attorneys to be active on social networks. Nevertheless, it may appear challenging building trust utilizing social media sites. There are numerous social media sites readily available, with over 2.96 billion users. Whether it is Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, social media platforms are an excellent means to get in touch with prospective customers and also other practitioners. You can also share your valuable content with social media platforms. You can make the web page extra personal by including lawyer bios or any other interesting thing about the law firm to develop trust and increase discussions with existing and possible customers.

People Also Ask

How impaired must the opposing party be for there to be a presumption of negligence?

For the defendant to be presumed as negligent, it must be proven that the driver’s physical or mental abilities were impaired by alcohol use enough that they could not drive properly.

Is having a few drinks considered as drunk driving?

A few drinks may not necessarily be considered as drunk driving. Although drinking and driving should not be combined, for a driver to be charged with drunk driving, he or she must have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent or above.

What damages can I recover if I file a claim after a drunk driving accident?

As a drunk driving accident victim, you can file for any economic or non-economic damages, including lost wages, medical bills, physical or emotional losses, and many more.

Work With A Professional Legal Marketing Company

It takes lots of work to remain on top as a drunk driving accident attorney or law firm. In the age of the internet and also cell phones, digital marketing is the way to go. When you perfectly integrate your website, SEO, social media visibility, and also other advertising techniques, you will grow as a drunk driving accident lawyer.

At Vanguard Legal marketing, we can aid you in developing and also carrying out topnotch Digital Marketing for Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys. We are a digital marketing company that offers you the best and most effective campaign solutions for drunk driving accident lawyers and also law firms. Are you prepared to stand out among the rest? Connect with us and take advantage of a FREE consultation!

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