Website Design for Law Firm Hilton head

Website Design for Law Firm Hilton headThe legal market can be fiercely competitive, which is why it’s critical for your firm to stand out. Building a website for your legal firm and showing that you have the skills and experience to take on their case and win is a great approach to gain new customers.

Creating law firm websites is simple, thanks to platforms like WordPress and hundreds of themes built specifically for lawyers. But if you want to be noticed, you must go beyond selecting a premade theme that appears generic. Instead, incorporate the following five elements into your law firm’s website to improve SEO, generate leads, and ensure best practices.

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Tips For A Good Law Firm Website Design

1. Use Your Logo And The Name Of Your Law Firm

The usage of your logo in the design of your lawyer’s website helps to establish brand recognition. Potential clients will be able to recognize your articles wherever they are, both online and offline, due to brand recognition. 

Your website’s URL should incorporate your law firm’s name or legal practice, rather than exact-match domains. However, while this was formerly typical practice, it no longer affects your SEO ranking.

2. Each Practice Area Should Have Its Own Dedicated Pages. 

Give each practice area on your website its own dedicated web page if your law firm has multiple practice areas. This will allow you to elaborate on the material for each practice area, allowing you to establish yourselves as experts. This will also aid search engine optimization (SEO), allowing more people to find your website while looking online for those services.

3. Take Into Account Your Website’s Mobile-Friendly Functionality. 

People are extremely reliant on their cell phones. As a result, it should come as no surprise that Google has prioritized websites that look well on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in its search engine rankings since April 2015. Non-mobile-friendly websites will appear lower in search results, reducing your website’s visibility to prospective new clients. If you’re not sure if your present law firm website complies with Google’s mobile-friendly criteria, you can check using the Google mobile-friendly test available online. 

4. Include A ‘Call To Action’ On Every Page. 

The main purpose of your attorney website design is to convince visitors to contact you or request a consultation. To make this happen, guide them around your website and provide various calls-to-action that make contacting you or booking a session easier. 

Calls-to-action should be on your homepage and other pages like the About and attorney profile pages. A CTA may be put in the sidebar of your blog or under each blog entry.

5. Your Contact Forms Should Be Simple. 

Make your contact and consultation forms as simple as possible by just asking for the information that is absolutely necessary. This will keep visitors from being overwhelmed and abandoning the form before it is completely filled out. 

For initial contact on the contact form, simply ask for their names, email addresses, or phone number, as well as a brief message. Once they’ve set a meeting, you may always find out more about their case. 

You could also use a booking form to allow customers to plan the date and time and save time on the phone. Keep the booking form as basic as possible and only ask for the information needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes A Good Legal Website?

Your clients will be able to communicate with you online if you have a good law firm website. Great lawyer websites are simple to use and include services that are clearly spelled out. However, the finest law firm websites offer a simple, client-centered experience while projecting a strong, distinct identity for your company.

How Long Does It Take To Design A Law Firm Website?

Small website projects can be finished in 3 to 4 weeks. Larger websites with a larger project scope can take up to 6 months to complete. From start to finish, the average law firm website design project takes 75 days.

Do Lawyers Need Websites?

Websites are the primary source of information about your legal practice that you can present to your clients ahead of time so that they can make an informed selection. It’s a very effective marketing tool. To remain competitive, lawyers must market their services.

The Best Website Design Services for Law Firms in Hilton Head

Vanguard Legal Marketing is a website design service provider that specializes in providing high-quality, cost-effective marketing services to law firms. The mission of Vanguard is to assist law firms in growing their practices through the help of web design services. Our staff can provide your organization with the resources necessary to efficiently market your enterprise, owing to our extensive experience in web design.

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