Social Media for Lawyers

Social Media Firm for Lawyers

Everyone is on social media. Your clients are on social media. Your competition is on social media. Most likey, your law firm needs to be a lot stronger online and in social media.

Having a strong social media presence can help your law firm a great deal not just by putting your brand in front of your target market, but more importantly, by connecting and building trust with them. It can likewise,  help you drive SEO traffic to your website.

The benefits of social media marketing services with Vanguard Legal Marketing are as follows:

  • Touch and engage your target audience
  • Get more traffic to your website
  • Make your business more “accessible” to your community
  • Regularly monitor the performance of your brand on social media
  • The ability to control the conversation about your brand

Why Your Law Firm Needs Social Media

Many people are often put off by lawyers from a generalized negative reputation. This is why many attorneys have spent thousands of dollars on TV ads and billboards, yet they still lack true connection with their prospects.

Social media is a great way to change this general profile of attorneys.

The Power of Social Media

Consumers like the convenience of searching for local services online; now the norm and therefore, online is where attorneys need to go. Maintaining active and vibrant social media profile on platforms where potential clients hangout can definitely help your firm stand out from competition.

If done correctly, it can help build rapport and trust between you and your prospects. Likewise, it can show how far ahead your firm is compared to other firms in terms of relationships and engagement .

Social media can also boost the traffic to your law firm’s website by content sharing. This may likewise, result in finding more leads turning into actual clients. The various social media platforms also offer an easy way for your present clients to give you a review or re-engage with you and your firm.

Your lawfirm can establish itself as an authority by sharing knowledge and expertise in your area of practice. The firm can cultivate its brand by showing a candid or human side of the attorneys People want to know and trust who you are.

Social media is a powerful and cost-efficient way to reach any prospective client.

Is Your Law Firm Struggling With An Engaging
Social Media Presence?

Vanguard Legal Market Can Profoundly Change That

Social  media can make a huge difference for your online presence as it ties into your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

One major factor for social media success is the consistency of your firm’s posting. It is important to post regularly (on a daily or weekly basis), and to put out fresh, relevant, and interesting content every time.

Initial Setup

Vanguard Legal Marketing sets up all the social media platforms and properly connects them to the law firm’s website. The following social media platforms are created and get posted to on a schedule and timely basis:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn.

We also make sure that your profiles have congruency across all platforms.


Vanguard Legal Marketing will post custom-tailored content for each of the social media platforms. This will ensure engagement and sharing with these platforms. Consistency is key in social media. All profiles are updated on a scheduled basis.

The Most Sought-After Social Media Marketing
for Lawyers in Hilton Head Island

Vanguard Legal Marketing is known for its social media marketing skills for lawyers. We provide highly advanced marketing and technology that other online marketers often do not implement or understand.

We offer our social media services currently to to criminal defense attorneys, personal injury attorneys, family law attorneys, and real estate attorneys.

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