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If can’t measure it, you can’t improve it – Peter Drucker

Drucker, the well known management thinker, made it clear that no one is able to know whether or not he or she is successful unless the success is fully defined and tracked.

With a definitive and established metric for success, law firms can quantify progress and can adjust the process in the direction of the desired outcome.

Without having clear objectives and measurement, the process of work is in a state in of continual guessing.

When marketing for a law firm, it is important to know the source of new clients and the most effective means of attaining them. In other words, track to see where your new clients are coming from.

We want to understand the effectiveness of every campaign, the strength and weaknesses of every page on your website as well  the time visitors look and stay and leave. Basically, we want to know the why of every facet we can when it comes to your progress.

We track the numbers. We want to know what is strong in your marketing. Using this information makes it much more effective to implement strengths and dissolve the weakness.

We also will track the analytics of your competition firms to understand what they are doing right and wrong. We will use this information to your firm’s benefit. It is simply being prudent in business and using information to come out as the leader.

W. Edwards Deming, the American statistician famously said: In God we trust, all others must bring data!

Following the words of W. Edwards Deming, we must know the truth of the metrics so your firm can become the absolute authority in your area of practice and in the geo locations you plan to dominate.

Our reports are professional, easy to understand and gives our clients the information they need to make prudent decisions on the next important steps to take to achieve the next level of stronger business.

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