Reputation Management for Lawyers

Is Reputation Management Important for a Law Firm?

Reputation Management is as important as it sounds. Reputation Management is the process of developing and maintaining positive perception of your law firm.

The 5-star reviews tell searchers that you are competent and have “trust-potential.” Seeing the 5-star review as opposed to the attorney in the same type of practice with “No Reviews,” is a big deal. Online reviews are a critical part of the consumer journey, with 89% reading these reviews before visiting the practice.

Consumers make their decisions based on shopping comparisons. Your law firm has a much higher chance of being chosen based on higher rank and better reviews than a competitor with lower ranking and lesser or no reviews.

Having reviews and testimonials are third party recommendations that give a form of objectivity about your firm.

What is the Reputation Management Process?

Reputation Management is a simple way to build client relationships and generate new leads for your practice.
Vanguard Legal Marketing offers a very simple and effective set of processes to build a solid list of reviews for your law firms Google, Yelp or Facebook listings.

In addition to having a business card made with simple directions on how to create a review for your firm, we suggest other processes such as:

Send an SMS or eMail directly to your client with a simple click with our state-of-the-art technology. Your “chosen” client can click an easy button
that will snd a 5-star review. Your law can amass a huge trove of outstanding reviews and most likely ar outpace competitors with a powerful trust signal.

Vanguard Legal Marketing also places a highly visible light box on the home page of your computer. A simple click brings your visitors straight to your Google Review Page.

How Vanguard Legal Marketing Can
Help You Build an Excellent Reputation

We know what a tremendous effect reviews can have on a law practice, both positive and negative. At Vanguard Legal Marketing, we want to make sure that all reviews have an uplifting response. This creates engagement and shows that your firm cares about its clientele. Often, it is just that which builds a clientele; knowing that you care about your clients.

Vanguard Legal Marketing offers the following Reputation Management services including:

  • We make it seamless and respond to your client’s reviews based upon your specific direction.
  • We review every response and implement a complete reputation management system.
  • We oversee and combat spam and fake reviews. There are proven steps for this process.

Prove through Reputation Management that your firm is held in high regard by the public and should be seriously considered for any case that is relevant to your field of practice.

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