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As the saying goes, ‘Content is King.’ When it comes to digital marketing, content is the driving force when it comes to being found.

Your law firm’s content is what helps searchers of your service decide whether they believe in you and your legal services and if you can help them.

Regardless of which area of the law you practice, there are others writing about the same topics of your practice. But, creating content that is relevant, that hits the specific subjects and information makes the difference if the potential client to further pursue or leave your page or website altogether.

Designing and Creating Content

Creating content is a task but a critically important one. It takes time, energy, resources and and know how.

This is where Vanguard Legal Marketing shines. We develop content based on your specific criteria. We build blogs and write articles that are relevant to your practice. We focus on keywords that are sought after by people searching for your services. We improve upon written content in your website and format it to Google’s standards of authority. We will take content and repurpose it so it is used for other mediums like videos or slide shows. At Vanguard Legal Marketing, we want to get as much traction from excellent content that we can for your law firm’s advantage on the internet.

When it Comes To Content Creation, We Do The Research and
The Work, You Be The Attorney and Work With Your Clients

Our legal content creation services are second to none in the market. We understand your practice and know what it takes to get found online with your specific keywords.

We write high-quality content that your specific clientele can understand and is searching for online.

Let Vanguard Legal Marketing work on your content, giving you piece of mind that it getting done professionally while fulfilling the need or pain-point of your potential customer and satisfying the “Google Bots” continual crawling of the content code.

Vanguard Legal Marketing Performs Content Audits

Vanguard Legal Marketing begins with a complete content audit of your website. We review in detail the following information:

  • The number of pages and blogs on the website.
  • We make sure each service page has a high coversion landing page.
  • We review the Blog/news and see the number and consistency of blog posts.
  • We review every web asset made available including FAQs, e-books, law articles, PDFs and captions)
  • We make sure the“About” page is accurate
  • We make sure the “Contact” page is accurate
  • We review all Privacy Policies, Terms of Conditions and any other policy page.
  • We also review photographs and want to make sure there are no copyright concerns.

The Following Content Creation Questions Are Often Asked By Attorneys

Does My Law Firm Need Content Creation ?

If you are questioning about the importance of Content Creation, then it’s time to rethink your marketing strategy. In short, content creation is the most important part of your online and lead creation success . You need to be able to tell your story to your current clients and potential clients. Here are the exact reasons that content for law firms is so important.

Helps in brand building for your law firm

Creating content for your brand is critical your law firm. It’s the branding that creates a recognizable and trusted name.

The content created can be any kind of medium;– a blog, a podcast, social media posts, infographics, videos, a webinar or any photo; all showing your logo.  There are different types of content that you can create to help in building your brand. Content is everywhere.

People search for legal content and will search for your service;
Will they find and choose you?

If a potential client has a problem, needs information  or wants to see reviews, what do they do?

They Google it!

That is the world we live in. Google is often the first source they go to for information. Your law firm needs to be there. You must have name recognitions and excellent content. As such, you cannot ignore quality content that shows you are the professional to talk to.

Online Marketing

The most rewarding and important  investment you can make is your online marketing.

This enables you to get free organic traffic to your website. Done correctly, your law firm becomes a key player in your location for your area of practice.

Search engines are getting much more advanced and only accepts high-quality content for ranking. Valuable and highly relevant content sets you apart from other attorneys and will rank  you higher with organic searches.

People Do Not Understand Legalese

When it comes to your marketing, you need to address the market to whom you want to sell your services. Everyday people simply do not understand legal lingo and in fact, it intimidates them. Your excellent content has to be written in a way that they can identify and understand.

Vanguard Legal Marketing understands your market and will provide content that they follow and understand. The ultimate goal is to bring them to you so you can do what you do best. We focus on their needs and communicate to them in a way that peaks their interest and draws them in to a meeting or conversation with you.

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