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Paid advertising is not a set-it-and-forget-it form of marketing. To use paid search correctly, we need to understand how it is best used to drive real-time results while, at the same time, improving organic search results for the long-term.

Paid advertising is a process by itself and not a replacement for anything. For the most effective overall results for every law office it should be an integral part of a fully comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. Your law firm should use it to generate immediate inbound calls for new business.

The process is done by giving Google the keywords your law firm wants to target. want to buy which trigger the firm’s ads to display on the search engine results page(s) (SERPs).

Vanguard Legal Marketing properly does this for you with your input of what is your specific target of business. We design your ads around these keywords working to make them relevant to the query and compelling enough to get users to click on them.

Once searchers for your legal service click through, we will direct them to a landing page where they are interested to take the next step; calling for your services, downloading a given offer, or moving further down the sales funnel we have strategically created for your law firm.

Vanguard Legal Marketing manages, matches and optimizes these three processes to improve the effectiveness of your firm’s paid advertising initiatives.

Google offers two ways your law firm’s ads can be displayed and billed:

Pay-per-click (PPC)
Pay per 1,000 impressions (CPM).
With rare exception, most law firms will want to use the PPC option which means you don’t pay to have your ad displayed, you pay only when someone clicks on it.

Since only people who have an interest in your legal service will typically click on your ad, this is almost always the most cost-effective advertising choice. The amount actually paid per click is based on a combination of:

  1. Bid Amount and
  2. Quality score from Google

Regardless of your area of practice area, budget, or location, our Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are designed to convert visitors to clients.  We focus on creating excellent Quality Scores through extreme efficiency.

Vanguard Legal Marketing Paid Advertising Strategy

Our goal here, is to get your phone to ring with our proven PPC strategies:

  • Use Keywords that only target prospects
  • Create Landing pages that are optimized for conversion
  • Use of Compelling ad copy with that has effective Call To Actions
  • Strategic ad schedules, targeting pre-planned locations specifically customized for your law firm
  • Continual ad management using optimization techniques to create reduce ad costs and seek new opportunities
  • Deliver detailed reports for your firm to review and understand the metrics that are important.

When it comes to online advertising, Vanguard Legal Marketing does much more than report on costs and conversions. We analyze and discuss them with you to find the strongest most effective path to build the highest possible ROI for your firm.

Based on your law firms ad results, we can offer other suggestions on maximizing your budget with platforms we have experience and expertise as well. In addition to Google Adwords, we suggest Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Instagram Ads.

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