Branding Your Law Firm

Branding Your Law Firm

Though we hear the word “branding” all of the time in marketing, a lot of business people and professionals don’t understand how truly important it is.

Branding is one of the most important elements in marketing and as a law firm, we want to brand you so you are “known, liked and trusted” by potential clients and the general public.

Today’s average consumer faces about 3,000 advertising and promotional messages every single day. This barrage of ads is so overwhelming that people have become numb and even unaware of them. Most of the messages are for items, services and products they don’t even want or need. People also brush off new offerings that they already buy from trusted suppliers or services.

This is specifically why your law firms message must be absolutely relevant to the market that seeks your service with a message that  is unique, attractive and better.

What is Branding?

Getting through all of the noise in the marketplace today is a task for every law firm. The law firm’s timing in people’s lives is key which is why you want your message out there continually.

To win a competitive position, attorneys must present an offer that is unique and in a way that is so relevant to the needs of the people in search of your service.

When you brand earns a place in your potential client’s mind, you need to hold that position by delivering a brand experience that is perfectly in line to that person’s desire or need. When that happens, the person has no reason to enable any other competing brand to fill your place.

Vanguard Legal Marketing Builds A Brand So Your Law Firm is Perceived as the Trusted Service To Take Care of Specific Legal Needs.

Branding can be divided into three important parts:

Brand Essence: The vision and values of your law firm. What promises are delivered for the client’s benefits.

Brand Image:  Providing the law firm’s value proposition. Knowing the marketplace, exuding trust and high level of service as well as a uniqueness from other firms. (Visuals, colors and logo).

Brand Personality: What is the personality of the law firm? Brand personality is a set of ideas that are identified with human characteristics. How does the client see and understand the setting of the firm. Is it the environment that the client is seeking to take care of his or her case? Does the client relate and feel safe with your firm? These are important attributes to project to your target market and potential clients.

Building Your Law Firm’s Brand

Vanguard Legal Marketing has the goal of properly branding every law firm with whom we work. We do this through the content created, with visuals on your website and with media such as photos and video.

We understand that we have a lot of questions to answer. We will need to truly understand each firm and its values, history and goals to achieve. We want to build that level of trust where new clientele will want to see your law firm as the best solution to the legal needs they currently have.

Vanguard Legal Marketing will build your brand based on actual data and information rather than assumptions. The clients and potential clients need to to know that they are in the right place rather than going to another Law firm.

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