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Microsoft Advertising
For Attorneys

We are often asked if Microsoft advertising is an effective medium on which to advertise. There are still a staggering number of people who look at the Microsoft platform for their search engine results.

A lot of it stems from the years past where they have not changed with the times and stayed with Bing, Yahoo and even AOL.

A well known strategy in investing is known as diversification.

So, even though Google may be the biggest player in the online marketplace, it would be prudent to diversify into other areas for advertising as well. You will get a lot of exposure with a different set of eyes looking at your law firms ads.

What Your Law Firm Will Receive
With Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Ads have the a lot of value just like Google Ads since they both share many of the same basic ad features that Google is known for and given credit. Your law firm’s ads means that ads can be created and customized based with many of the same familiar ad-creation components, including:

  • Geo location
  • Target Audience
  • Keywords Used (with research capabilities)
  • Descriptions Created
  • Data and Information Used in Reporting

Advertisers get full access to the reports that are generated. You are also able to view the details of the performance of every campaign and ad groups that are created.

Vanguard Legal Marketing Performs The Microsoft
Advertising While Attorneys Concentrate On Their Work

Microsoft Ad Coverage

Most people do not realize the reach that Microsoft has when it comes to advertising. The ads actually appear on every Microsoft platform including Bing, Yahoo and AOL. It also includes ad placement with other websites that partner with Microsoft. This will include international websites as well including Canada. Law Firm advertisers can choose with whom and which areas to advertise for the highest ROI.

Less Competition With Less Traffic With Microsoft

There are some real positives with less competition. Often with Microsoft advertising, law firms can be “the big fish in a small pond,” meaning that there may be highly competitive keywords that become affordable to use. This could be a real positive for the ad-spend budget. It is also a real positive for those law firms with a smaller ad-spend budget.

Microsoft Advertising is A Supplemental But
Effective Ad Platform For Attorneys

Vanguard Legal Marketing uses several ad platforms for focused and effective online advertising. Using Microsoft advertising as a supplement to Google Adwords is just plain smart when it comes to providing prudent and effective marketing for new prospects within your field of law.

Using a diversified approach to online advertising can be beneficial especially after analyzing the best ROI possible. With this form of diversification, we are able to understand what avenue of advertising brings the highest returns for every ad dollar.

The Vanguard Legal Marketing Ad team, with our experience seek the best results  for our clients using several ad platforms.

Not only do we look at results from Microsoft and Google but we look to benefit using and testing the following platforms to your target market using social media advertising such as:

  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Instagram Advertsing
  • Facebook Advertising

Vanguard Legal Marketing will only use platforms that have shown benefits to our clients. Our customized advertising plans are customized to fit your specific budget, with your law firms specific goals, geo location and and target audience.

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