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YouTube Ads for Law Firms

There is good reason to have an interest in advertising on Youtube.  Owned by Google, YouTube is second behind Google in size as a search engine. Some of YouTubes stats make the case for advertising:

  • YouTube has over 2 billion monthly logged in users and these users watch 1 billion hours of video every day.
  • Video is the worlds largest pastime. It is deemed by Cisco Visual Networking Index that by 2021, video will be 82% of all consumer traffic.
  • YouTube is a major influencer and is where 90% of consumers find products and services.
  • YouTube users spend more than an hour every day watching videos on a mobile device.

These statistics make it quite clear that YouTube has the influence to attract a lot of new business provided they are done correctly with relevant content to your target market.

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Ad Campaign Design For Attorneys

Since Google owns YouTube, ads are placed through Google allowing them to show up anywhere in Google’s powerful network. They, therefore, have not just the Google targeting power but all of the data-collection as well. This makes the YouTube ads extremely powerful with the ability to show well in the search engine results pages.

YouTube Ads Enable Brand
Visibility For Law Firms

Since video offers sight and sound sensory, your law firm is able to create a powerful message that firmly exhibits its brand. Ads that are done well will reach audiences with the intended message and has the ability to “stick” in their mind and have a much higher chance of continued recognition.

Youtube allows you to speak to your defined audience and provide campaigns to whatever market to whom you literally want to speak. YouTube is powerful for brand development.

Ad Types Available For Attorneys

There are different types of ads to utilize with YouTube. There are the long-form or short-form, skippable or non skippable ads

If you’ve spent any time on the platform, you’ve probably seen the different types of YouTube ads. They can be:

Instream ads giving you the 5 seconds of no-choice and must watch. Viewers get a choice to see more of the ad content by clicking on it.

In-Display Ads: Shown on the right side of the Youtube video. They blend in with other organic videos to be shown. A click on it will take you to the content of the advertiser.

In-Search Ads: These ads appear in response to a search query typed into the YouTube Search Bar and the ad is positioned above the organic listings and stamped as an ad.

Creating Video Ads For Your Law Firm

If YouTube ads are method of advertising your firm plans to use, it is important to understand the steps needed to create video.

Vanguard Legal Marketing understands the process needed to get YouTube ads up and running. It does not have to be intimidating since we do the work and put it together with and for you. We make sure the video ads relay your law firm’s specific message and we then watch the metrics and find seek the highest possible ROI. We either create the videos ourselves or work with videographers that will do a professional job with your firm

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