Law firm marketing is changing dramatically in the last ten years. In addition to television, radio, and billboard advertising, there has been a shift towards digital campaigns such as social media ads or video clips on YouTube channels. This trend will not be stopping anytime soon, with today’s ever-changing technologies giving way to new strategies that reach potential clients through modern-day technology like mobile devices or tablets.

Are you looking for top criminal defense attorney marketing services in South Carolina? Vanguard Legal Marketing can help! We provide marketing services for criminal defense law firms and other areas so that you can offload the marketing tasks and focus on your legal practice. 

Criminal Defense Attorney Marketing Steps We Incorporate In Our Services

Below are marketing steps that we do in order to help you as a criminal defense  attorney generate more traffic on search engines and gain new clientele.

1. Content Is King

The internet has become saturated with content, which means that it’s more complicated than ever to stand out from the crowd and be noticed by your intended audience. Therefore, criminal defense lawyers must provide precious and insightful information to reach potential clients looking for legal info online! You can do so through articles, blog posts, or other forms like a FAQ page. To get more people clicking over onto your criminal defense website, we take the necessary work beforehand, such as SEO techniques that will help boost your website’s visibility when someone types keywords into Google or another engine-related query box.

2. Your Branding Should Be Clear And Unique

No matter what type of law you specialize in, it is essential that your branding message be clear. From the logo to your website to everything else, we ensure that every detail aligns with your brand’s messaging. Additionally, we use images and site design for maximum impact一we express what makes you unique!

3. Emphasize Each Service

Your criminal defense law firm may have multiple specialties or services. For instance, you can specialize in specific areas of the law, such as innocence, constitutional violations, self-defense, and insanity. When designing your website, we make sure that it is clear what each service entails with either a drop-down menu or a different page for every area of specialization your firm provides. Additionally, there should be an explicit call to action on your site, so clients know exactly where they need to go next to progress their case without further delay!

4. Ask For Reviews

Law firms often neglect the importance of reviews. Reviews are an essential tool for attracting new clients to your criminal defense law firm and highlighting certain aspects that you offer. As a criminal defense lawyer, you must encourage feedback from existing clients. Asking them to leave honest testimonials about their experience with your firm will help attract more potential clientele searching for criminal defense legal counsel; like-minded clients looking for exemplary legal representation.

5. Utilize PPC Advertising

Once we have established your brand and kept your digital content up-to-date, we recommend that you consider Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. With this method, you can create advertisements tailored to suit both yourself and the target audience of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Criminal Defense Lawyers Need Marketing?

Criminal defense lawyers need marketing to promote their criminal law services because they are only taught how to do the job and not the business of running a firm. Therefore, learning or hiring a legal marketing agency is arguably one of the essential skills you’ll ever develop when starting your practice, as this drives an image of your firm while attracting potential clients.

How Do You Get More Clients As A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Below is how you can get more clients as a criminal defense attorney:

  1. Referrals
  2. Blogging
  3. Building meaningful relationships with clients
  4. Online reviews
  5. Social media
  6. Investing in SEO

How Do You Market Your Law Firm?

You market your criminal defense law firm by using a variety of ways, such as:

  1. Updating content regularly 
  2. Utilizing social media platforms
  3. You also use video marketing to help create an engagement with potential clients interested in what you have to offer.

Professional Legal Marketing Company In South Carolina

Your criminal defense attorney marketing budget should be well spent so that you can get a solid ROI on your investment. At Vanguard Legal Marketing, we customize our services to your needs to strengthen your brand name. If you have questions regarding marketing techniques suited to your criminal defense law firm in South Carolina, get in touch with us today! 


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